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COVID-19 notice


We are now in the centre of a global pandemic and it’s important to consider the health, wellbeing and safety of not just all our artists, but everyone around us.  

Taking into consideration the advise from the government and in order to prioritise our activity in order to protect the health of everyone, I have taken the decisions to close our agency until further  notice.

I advice all talent, and employees to follow the following guidelines as provided by the WHO and the NHS which is briefly as follows:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue and bin it
  • Remain at a distance from the next person
  • Do not travel unless absolutely necessary
  • Cover your face in public places
  • Stay at home
  • If you have a fever, or persistent cough, Self-isolate for 14 days and contact NHS 111 for advice 

Our Activity

We encourage a good sense of hygiene amongst all staff and talent

We have hand washing facilities and hand-gels for the use of all talent and members of staff (whether temporary, permanent, contracted or short-term assigned)

We advise anyone with health concerns to contact NHS 111 as your first port of call.

We will no longer be advertising our artists, and will no longer be sending out talent to any castings, or performances (whether confirmed or otherwise), until further notice.

We have contacted all relevant parties and have notified them of our closure, and we are fully supported by those in the entertainment industry under these very difficult times. 

I always thank you for your cooperation in seeing that we contribute to reducing the spread of this Coronavirus, and we will revisit the situation on a regular basis, and hope to resume our services due course. 

Melanie Callum, Managing Director




We organise travel for all our premium members.   
Standard 10%
We support a standard 10% commission rate across the board. 
We guarantee quality service to our industry professionals. 

our mission

" I am dedicated to seeing that all at the agency embraces our mission to build a professional service that embodies a catalogue of British talent of colour across the UK.  A category that is vastly underrepresented in this country. We will also utilise our facilities to provide opportunities for those artists across the wider spectrum of the entertainment industry". 

Melanie Callum

Founder & CEO of HervL Artistes Agency & Melanie Callum Business  Business Services Ltd 

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